Australian Institute of Engineering Technology (AIOEAT) provides CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction Online Course in Australia


What is the work of a Construction Manager? There are a lot of factors why Construction Managers are receiving a high paying salary. The primary reason of that you are expected to manage and provide concrete advice and instructions to your workforce on a daily basis when you’re on the job location. That part of […]

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Principles of Risk Management - Australian Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET)

Principles of Risk Management

Risk management in construction projects is of great importance. Although at the start of a project, through the introduction of risk management, and increased expense is incurred, this is compensated for, in particular through the advantages of risk management. In the planning phase, possible risks for the subsequent project success can be identified and reduced […]

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What general experience is required for registration as a Domestic Builder - Australian Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET)

What general experience is required for registration as a Domestic Builder?

Domestic building work is work associated with the construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance of a home. There are 30 classes of domestic building work. People registered in the class of Domestic Builder (Unlimited) are responsible for carrying out, or managing or arranging the carrying out of all components of domestic building work for the construction, […]

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Pathways to Builders Registration -Australian Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET)

Pathways to Builders Registration

Regardless of what class of Builders Registration you are applying for, you will require broad useful work understanding. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) place a colossal accentuation on the commonsense experience, be that as it may, they additionally anticipate that candidates should have huge information and aptitudes. That is the place having a structure and […]

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Classes of Domestic Builder Registration - Australian Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIOEAT)

Classes of Domestic Builder Registration

Domestic structure work is an expansive term that covers the work associated with the remodel, upkeep, development or improvement of a home. The term ‘home’ applies to every single private area, including mechanical and business ones used for lasting living spaces. This definition doesn’t allude to vehicle habitations, for example, parades, impermanent lodging structures, inn […]

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For What Reason Do You Need To Be A Registered Builder - Australian Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIOEAT)

For what reason do you need to be a registered builder?

Much simply like the enthusiasm of any vocation, there are difficulties and impediments a route which you should relax as of late you’ll be capable arrive at the wrapping up the line. Finding a workable pace enrolled fabricating offers various satisfying and dynamic professional openings, however, to incite to the best, you should in the […]

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Augmented reality Over the past few years, virtual reality has been an emerging trend, but Construction World says it is growing rapidly outdated –especially when compared to the uses and benefits of augmented reality. Augmented Reality is the ability of a camera lens or mobile phone to imagine the real world. It is an interactive […]

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TOP 3 WAYS TO BECOME A REGISTERED BUILDER - Australian Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIOEAT)


Victorian Government has implemented 3 major factors in becoming a Registered Builder. Here are the steps you need to keep in mind if your planning to apply for a builder’s license. COMPLETION Successfully completed the application form provided by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) website. Successfully completed “Experience Statement”. Successfully completed “Technical Referee Report”.   […]

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Diploma Of Building And Construction

How You Can Get Your Building Licence with RPL (Recognition of prior Learning) RPL

To get a builder’s license is like a dream comes true. This process can be very difficult based on the state you live. All the Australian states have different requirements for a builder’s license. Sometimes it’s very expensive as well due to the consultant you go for. One of the many requirements for a builder’s […]

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