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Certificate IV in Building and Construction

CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Are you looking for a Diploma of Building and Construction course? If you are, then the CPC40120 Certificate IV In Building And Construction course will be a fantastic choice for you. For a builder or the people who are associated with this industry often faces challenge. In that case, if you want to be an updated person in the industry and gain mastery in the field then the Diploma of building and construction will trigger your career.

The building and construction courses have been intended to meet the necessities of the structure experts who facilitate the development of a structure, assuming liability for the general fruition of the activity, including choosing temporary workers, managing the work and its quality, and liaising with the clients.

Moreover, it is intended to help with meeting the enlistment necessities of those wishing to turn into an enrolled manufacturer. The structure proficient may likewise be the suitably authorized individual with the obligation under the important structure permitting expert in the state or region.

It is expected that members right now have started work at an organization in a Building and Construction supervisory or the executive’s job and have the full help of their manager in the consummation of this course.

  • You will be eligible for enrolment if you are over 18 years of age
  • Excellent language proficiency both in written and spoken
  • Employed in a supervisory or management role in Building and Construction
  • Have the full support of their employer
  • Committed to the course
  • Be physically capable of completing the course

The course length is 84 weeks, including a month and a half occasion and expects face-to-face instructional meetings, two-night meetings (5.00-9.00 pm) or one end of the week meeting (9.00 am to 5.00 pm) every week.

  • Extra classes will be taken for learners with additional needs
  • Learning supported with access to online resources
  • Email correspondence and telephone contact with the mentor

Further, it is normal that you will be effectively utilizing your freshly discovered structure and development aptitudes in your working environment for in any event 25 hours of the week, along these lines, the total number of hours you could hope to dedicate to this course would be:

  • 8 hours of the week in class for 78 weeks (remembering that there are a month and a half occasion in the 84-week course): 624 hours
  • 25 hours per week in the workplace for 78 weeks: 1950 hours

Total: 2574 hours
Of this time, it is normal that around 1/3 of the time will be spent on finishing appraisal undertakings, it ought to be noticed that a considerable lot of the evaluation assignments adjust to your typical work environment exercises.


  • Time spent on training should be considered to be 1716 hours
  • Time spent on evaluation should be considered to be 858 hours
  • This qualification has the employability skills which can increase job opportunities and business prospects in the building and construction industry
  • Participants may find employment in construction roles in businesses and other industries requiring building and construction qualification

Candidates to this course must be acknowledged whether they show having met the base Language Literacy and Numeracy models
The applicant will need to show that they have either one of the following:

  • At least an Australian High School Certificate (HSC) studies in English
  • A Certificate IV level qualification studied in English
  • A Degree or similar studied at an Australian Higher Education provider


  • Satisfactorily complete the Language and Literacy Indicator Assessment.

AATT can offer basic help to those members who are acknowledged into the course, this is constrained to help with Vocabulary and word definitions.

We will help you where we can with your necessities, it would be ideal if you get in touch with us to examine these, nonetheless, should your requirements for help or help surpass our aptitudes, we will allude you to an appropriate association to help you further, this might be a TAFE nearby to you or our working environment.

Should there be another way we can help you with guaranteeing that you amplify your chances of finishing the course through us changing something or obliging your needs please call our Administration Staff.

All students who undertake Nationally Recognized Training must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI implies all your preparation records and results will be in one spot.

BSBOHS504B  Apply principles of OHS risk management
BSBPMG505A  Manage project quality
BSBPMG508A  Manage project risk
CPCCBC4001A  Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects
CPCCBC4003A  Select and prepare a construction contract
CPCCBC4004A  Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects
CPCCBC4010B  Apply structural principles to residential low rise constructions
CPCCBC4013A  Prepare and evaluate tender documentation
CPCCBC5001B  Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for medium rise building projects
CPCCBC5002A  Monitor costing systems on medium rise building and construction projects
CPCCBC5003A  Supervise the planning of on site medium rise building or construction work
CPCCBC5010B  Manage construction work
CPCCBC5018A  Apply structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings

(note that this unit has a pre requisite unit CPCCBC5001B Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for medium rise building projects)

CPCCBC5005A  Select and manage building and construction contractors
CPCCBC5007B  Administer the legal obligations of a building or construction contractor
CPCCBC5011A  Manage environmental management practices and processes in building and construction
BSBRSK501  Manage risk
CPCCBC5004A Supervise and apply quality standards to the selection of building and construction materials
CPC40120 certificate IV in building and construction Course in Melbourne Australia - Australian Academy of Trade and Technology AATT provider cpc40120 certificate IV in building and construction course in Australia
CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Interested applicants for the course will contact the AATT by either telephone or by email, following this contact interested applicants will receive:

  • The Course Information Sheet detailing the course content, fees and study requirements (this document)
  • The Participant Handbook which will detail information about AATT, containing detailed information about the Participants Rights and Obligations
  • The Enrolment Agreement which contains information about the course, a summary of the Participants Rights and Obligations and also forms the binding agreement between AATT and the Participant.
  • Workplace Support Agreement which demonstrates that your employer supports your study and will provide access to workplace resources such as computers, drawing opportunities and supervisory staff to assist you and to pro

Committed applicants will return to AATT the completed Enrolment Agreement, provide signed off acceptance of the Participant Handbook, the completed Workplace Support Agreement and be willing to make the initial payment.

Applicants will undergo an enrolment interview where their provided documentation is reviewed, including proof of Identification, and undergo the Language and Literacy Indicator assessment if required.

Applicants who are not successful with the Language and Literacy Indicator assessment will referred to their local TAFE or other provider of English Language support that is convenient to their home or work.

Once an applicant has completed the satisfactorily completed the:

  • Language and Literacy Indicator Assessment
  • Enrolment Agreement
  • Made initial payment

They will be accepted into our course and be termed a Participant.

Each participant will undergo:

  • An introduction process explaining the units of competency and the training and assessment program to be conducted by AATT.
  • A review of possible alternative elective units, from the range of units provided by AATT. The units of competency to be included in a participant’s training program will be determined by discussions with the participant and a representative of Australian Academy of Trade and Technology.
  • An induction into AATT (as the RTO) and training program
  • AATT recognizes the AQF Qualifications and Statement of Attainments issued by any other Registered Training Organisation
  • Learners can demonstrate competency through formal, non-formal and informal learning. Learners are encouraged to apply for RPL prior to or immediately formal enrolment but prior to the facilitated delivery of units to ensure that they do not miss any class/workshop opportunities

RPL Application Fees

RPL Applications are assessed at $120 per hour with a maximum of $360 per unit, thus a 15 unit RPL application maximum cost to assess would be $360 x 15 = $3,600.00

Fees can be paid by credit card, EFPOS, EFT or by cheque.  (Note cheques will need to clear before the course can be commenced.)

As stated before, we do not offer a refund for any payments made, except as noted above.

In cases of extreme hardship application in writing can be made to the CEO to vary these terms.

All Participants should note that lost statements of attainment or certificates can be replaced, the fee for this is $55 including GST and will require the participant to advise their name and other suitable personal details to allow us to confirm their identity

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment pathway to gain a qualification if you believe that you have the skills, knowledge and experience gained through work, training courses and work-based training to meet the requirements of the course.

Cert 4 in building and construction cpc40120 course in Melbourne Australia - Australian Academy of Trade & Technology provider cert 4 in building and construction cpc40120 course in Australia
CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction


Step 1.

Decide On What To Study

Step 2.

Meet The Requirements

Step 3.

Submit RPL Application Form

Step 4.

Pre-training Review And LLN Test

Step 5.

Complete RPL Stages

The fee for this course $10,000, and includes all text books and resources.

These course fees are to be paid in instalments, with the first payment being:

$1500 when committing to the course, if the participant can provide two weeks’ notice, prior to course commencement, of a desire not to proceed with the course, then this amount can be fully refunded.  There are no refunds if the participant seeks to cancel their enrolment within two weeks of the proposed course commencement.

Pay directly with our Account Department

You can arrange to make your fee payments directly with our Accounts Department at Level 14, 333 Collins Street. Melbourne 3000, Australia by Cash, EFTPOS or credit card, or do an online bank transfer (EFT) to the following bank account:

Account Name: AATT
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank
Branch Number (BSB): 063 237
Account Number: 1042 5800

Direct Debit

This option is for students who want a convenient payment process to save time. Payments can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly and in that way, some of the courses are less than 59$ a week. Contact Australian Academy of Trade & Technology admin for further info. If you have further queries, please contact us on +611300210593

AATT accepted online payment through Bank - Australian Academy of Trade & Technology AATT offers online Carpentry Business Trade Printing and Decorating courses in Melbourne Australia
Australian Academy Of Trade And Technology
  • Learners who specifically require assistance with study skills can get practical advice on assignment writing and course-specific language and learning skills.
  • Learners facing personal difficulties that may affect their learning can approach the student support officer for advice and counsel.
  • Access to student resource facility in AATT library
  • Support with registered building practitioner application

All student-related policies are available at the office or on its website.