FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Australian Academy of Trade and Technology

By checking the training.gov.au website, there you can find Australia’s Vocational and Educational database where all colleges can be searched and browsed. The site provides function that will allow users to search for Qualifications, Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Units and all information related to the college.

When you visit the training.gov.au website you can search for the course code or the course title on the Registered Courses.

There is no difference on the knowledge and skillset that you would be receiving from the training that would be provided either Virtually or Physically as our college has already created a structure of training that is designed to deliver and show competency on either platform.  Just take note that it might not be all units that can be covered virtually as some units would need practical application.

If you have not received your certification you can check with ASQA or TAC to retrieve your transcript but these departments would not be able to issue you the certification.
What you could consider is going through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) from our RTO. If we can check your eligibility and assess that you are meeting the competency requirements through your documentation and evidence then we would be able to provide you with an AQF certification.
For more information please check this link Recognition of Prior Learning.

Building and Construction Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Australian Academy of Trade and Technology

Certificate IV in Building and Construction is not a prescribed qualification to get your Builders Licensing. Under the Building Regulations of 2018 you would need to have at least a Diploma of Building and Construction Building to be able to qualify for a Builders License. Although it’s not prescribed, we would still consider it to be part of your experience and knowledge.

Yes, you would be able to study individual units that is part of the entire course in Diploma of Building and Construction. We have short courses that are available within our scope.

No, if you have the transcript from the previous college then we would be able to do a credit transfer and you would no longer need to take the unit.

No, but it would be best if you have the qualification because that will be part of your background but it’s not a pre-requisite. If you have at least 2 years’ experience in the field then you would be eligible to take the course.

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