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 What Do Painters and Decorators Do?

What Do Painters and Decorators Do?

Painting and decorating provide more opportunities and potential than it first appears. It allows you to hone your creative and practical skills in preparation for a career in this diverse and fast-paced industry.

As a painter and decorartor, the field of work is diverse and colourful. You get to work with colors and shapes and bring your imagination to life. Let’s get to know what painters and decorators do.

What skills do they need?

Painters and decorators must understand how to precisely apply paint or other desired finishes to these surfaces. It is a client’s right to request a quote so that they can get an idea of how much the job will cost. Painters and decorators do this by calculating the amount of materials needed for the job and measuring the surface or object they will be working on. Once the quote has been accepted, the painters and decorators can begin the actual hands-on work.
As you’ve probably guessed, good color sense and a broad knowledge of various painting and decorating techniques are essential to do this type of work well. When dealing with clients, painters and decorators must also be good communicators. To avoid costly mistakes, they must understand the client’s needs.

You’ll also need good mathematical and geometric understanding as you’ll need to combine multiple elements and determine what goes well wiith what. A flwxible phisique is a plus to move through your design and ensure presice perfection.

What a painting and decorating professional do?

As a certified painter and decorator, you can do a wide variety of work. The responsibilities include:

  • Clearing away the surface
  • Removing old paint or wallpaper
  • Repairing any cracked or damaged surfaces
  • Mixing and applying paints
  • Brushing, rolling or spraying the paint
  • Applying a decorative finish
  • Renovating residential properties
  • Colour consulting
  • Colour glazing, stencilling or marbling and lettering

Career path:

People who want to add an interesting turn in their career and enjoy their work, this field is just perfect for them. It’s an occupation that offers various exciting career paths. The demand depends on the level of building and renovation activity. Painters and decorators usually get employed by painting and decorating contracting firms, or are self-employed contractors. Government agencies that work with public works, housing and railways also hire them sometimes.

To become a qualified Painter and Decorator, getting the right training is a good idea. As 48% have a Certificate III or Certificate IV, you will need the advantage of qualification to secure a job. AATT is offering CPC30620 Certificate III In Painting And Decorating for you. Join the course and gain the skills and qualifications you need.

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