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 Pathways to Builders Registration

Pathways to Builders Registration

Regardless of what class of Builders Registration you are applying for, you will require broad useful work understanding. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) place a colossal accentuation on the commonsense experience, be that as it may, they additionally anticipate that candidates should have huge information and aptitudes. That is the place having a structure and development capability can support you.

In Australia, each state has different requirements for builders looking to get licensed. These can range from education and experience to a number of references and financial resources.

It’s important that you understand what requirements you need to meet before you commit to the process of getting a builder’s license. Knowing what’s required of you will save you time and frustration in the long run.

These assessments focus on much of what is covered in the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) such as:

  • Building Contracts and Legislation
  • Business and Finances
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Australian Building Standards
  • National Construction Codes

Builder accreditation is divided into four categories:

  • Builder
  • Construction Manager
  • Fire Protection Services Builder
  • Demolisher

There are three classes within each category:

  • Low rise
  • Medium rise
  • Open

Three qualifications will need to apply for your license:

  • Low rise – Certificate IV Building and Construction (Building).
  • Medium rise – Diploma Building and Construction (Building).
  • Open – Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction Management or a Degree in Building.

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